Diagnosis Day

 I had gone for an upper GI because I had been experiencing reflux issues.   Following the procedure when I met with my doctor, I was quite surprised to hear him say I had Celiac.   Celiac was a word I had heard just a few times in conjunction with stomach issues.  Though I had experienced various stomach issues for the past 24 plus years, I had always attributed it to spicy foods and just dealt with it.   Who knew it was the whole wheat breads and crackers that were causing such havoc with my digestive system!   Having a diagnosis was good, now I could begin to feel better!

 I admit I had no clue what Celiac was or how to treat it.   I was about to find out.   My doctor had me meet with a nutritionist who had a binder full of information all prepared for me.   It was mind boggling, I now had to learn to read labels and then decipher labels because 8 years ago, there weren’t many companies who labeled allergens on their products.    It was like learning a whole new language!

 The most disappointing thing for me wasn’t giving up bread, pasta, cakes and cookies (though that hurt!) but as a Catholic, communion is made of wheat – I could no longer receive communion L   I remember crying when I heard that news, receiving communion is one of the most important parts of my faith and one that I treasure each week.  

 I recall going home that day carrying my binder, talking to my family about all the changes I would need to make, i.e. separate cooking utensils, pots, no bread, no Cheerios – my go to snack, and all the other changes.   Thankfully they were very supportive and my husband suggested contacting our priest to talk to him about communion, one of the many reasons I love him, he’s always thinking about me!

 Great News!   When I spoke to my priest he told me he was able to order gluten free hosts that could be consecrated for me!   So each week when I go to mass, I let them know I am there and they put a host in a separate pix and place it on the alter to be consecrated with the regular hosts.  So for any Catholics or for that matter regardless of your religion/faith, talk to your priest, minister, rabbi and ask them about gluten free options.

I made it thru Diagnosis Day and now I am

Gluten Free and feeling great!




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