Ok so you’ve been doing pretty good eating Gluten Free but now all the Party invites are coming in…First Communion’s, Graduations, Shower’s, Weddings, Parties in general!   How do I stay Gluten Free at Parties???    Here are a few tips

Tip # 1 –  ALWAYS have something to eat BEFORE you go to a party!    Why you ask????  here are 3 reasons to eat before you go:

  1.   Whether you are gluten free or not, never go to to a party on an empty stomach, you are more likely to overeat and to eat all the wrong things (i.e. too much junk food!)
  2. You never know if they’ll be something that is gluten free for you to eat so you’ll be more likely to eat something that will make you sick
  3. Parties are for socializing, the food should be secondary.  If you go hungry you’ll only focus on the food and at the end of the night if you are like me, you’ll be mad that you
    1. caved to the junk food
    2. ate something that wasn’t good for you
    3. didn’t get to meet and visit with all the guests or at least the one’s you wanted to because you were focused on the food!

Tip #2 – ALWAYS pack a little goody bag and put it in your purse (or if you’re a guy put it in your spouse’s/girlfriend’s purse) just in case there aren’t any healthy options for you at the party.   Now I have found that people are much more aware of Celiac  and so they tend to at least offer veggie or fruit trays.   BUT not always so having that little bag of goodies to eat helps.   

I used to feel funny about getting out my goody bag but no more, I just quietly open it and make a small plate so as not to embarrass my host.

Tip #3 – ALWAYS take a food item to add to the table – this ensures that you will have something healthy and good for you to eat.  I always make something gluten free, either a dessert or a hot item and gift it to the host/hostess.  One added suggestion is to take your item in a disposable container so no clean-up necessary for the hostess and they don’t have to worry about returning it to you.   Doing this has helped me out many times.  For example, we were invited to a Steeler playoff party and the only food they had that was gluten free was also very spicy which is bad for my stomach so I would have been in trouble had I not prepared by taking a dessert and a fruit tray for the party.

Image result for gluten free cookies

You can take any cookie recipe and make it gluten free by switching out the flour you use.   I really like using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Mix!    My favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is the one on the back of Nestle’s Chocolate Chip bag and I love using the mini chips!

Please feel free to offer any additional tips that have worked for you.   I am always happy to find new and healthy ways to stay on track with eating Gluten Free at Parties!

Your Gluten Free buddy


Disclaimer: those are not my chocolate chip cookies in the photo above but mine look just as good!





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