Vacation Eating      

 It’s VACATION Week – who doesn’t love that????  

Chips, pretzels, salsa and chips, nacho’s and cheese, hamburgers and hotdogs, pizza, French fries, cake, s’mores, candy, ice cream, cookies… you get the idea, all the fun foods of vacation week!    Who doesn’t love all this great fun food????

 Jim and I had a fun family week at the lake with my sisters, their husbands, and my mom.   It’s rare that we are able to get all 5 sisters together at the same time even though we all live within about 10 miles of each other and three of them just a few blocks apart.   So when we have the opportunity to be together it’s cause for celebration!

 Six shared dinners, went out for breakfast twice!   Lots of candy and ice cream as we sat around rehashing our lives with childhood stories, memories of holidays and vacations past, reminiscing about my father, and totally admiring my mom who has been a widow for 27 years yet is the epitome of the family matriarch.  My mom is always there for us, generous, kind, giving, a true example of the person I want to be.   Lots of laughter, hugs, and eating…But we also took quite a few walks, some slower than others but when you have 5 sisters walking together, sometimes you just need to all keep the same pace and enjoy!

 To be fair, I did buy veggies for a veggie tray and salad, fruits to snack on, along with Silk milk to make our shakes each morning. Jim and I started the week off with a healthy breakfast, our shake to help get us thru the day and shakeoballs**to snack on.   Amish oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast or eggs and turkey sausage no bread (gluten), allowing myself the treat of baloney and chipped ham for lunch didn’t help much nor did the chips I ate with it but this was vacation after all!  I was able to keep my dinners to a single serving BUT my late night NCIS binges didn’t help my night time eating habits.  For some reason I have no control over what I eat late at night… a small bowl of chips and pretzels, cookies and milk, candy, oh and maybe a bowl of Cheerios to finish it off and hopefully to quite eating!   Why is it when junk food is in the cottage during vacation week, I can’t stop eating it???

 I wish I could say it got better as the week went on, but it didn’t.  I just couldn’t seem to stop my late night eating.  I mean a few M&M’s, a small bowl of chips and pretzels, a few cookies and milk – I mean it is vacation week right??? 

 The one good thing I did do all week was talk my husband into 30 minute yoga sessions each day along with a few Toro walks every day.  It wasn’t much to offset the empty calories I was ingesting but  it helped keep the guilt feelings at bay until the end of the week!


My advice for the summer:

  • Enjoy Vacation, enjoy all the goodies but try to keep it in moderation and find some type of exercise to help offset the calories!  
  • Don’t come home and beat yourself up, that takes away from the vacation glow! Just start walking or working out or call/email me – I’ll be happy to be your Fitbuddy!

Final admission – I gained 2 lbs during vacation, far less than I thought I did but 2 more than I wanted to gain!

This week I’ll treat myself to Gluten Free, no bake, healthy, chocolate/peanut butter Shakeology Balls


No Bake Gluten Free Shakeoball Recipe:

Total Time: 15 min
Prep Time: 15 min.
Cooking Time: None
Yield: 12 servings, 1 each

½ cup finely chopped raw mixed nuts     **I use almonds or walnuts
½ cup Chocolate Vegan Shakeology   ** I also use regular chocolate shakeology
½ cup organic old-fashioned rolled oats   ** Gluten Free oats used
½ cup all-natural creamy almond butter   ** I use almond butter from Aldi’s
3 Tbsp. raw honey



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